Our team is experienced at working in environments that range from the heat of the Namib Desert to the frozen expanse of the Arctic, from the depths of our beautiful oceans to the heights of the Andes, and from the rainforests of Africa to the comfort of modern city studios. We have vast experience with aerial and underwater cinematography.


Our relationship with communities on the ground provides us with first-hand information and access to areas unknown to others. We're well connected with national parks and other protected area networks, and have a large database of reliable crew, as well as representatives all over the globe.

We embrace our relationship with our sister company, EcoAfrica, who shares our core values and interest in the interface between humans and the environment. We have worked together since 1988, producing work of high technical standard combined with intellectual depth and a fresh perspective.


Our core service is producing environmental documentaries, be it of a humanitarian or wildlife nature.

While we have worked on large budget productions that were broadcast by the likes of the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, FOP recognises that a small independent team can also deliver excellent results with minimal resources. Aside from our filming experience, we have been involved in the producing and publishing of interactive training materials, books and photography.