For people to love nature they need to know it. We have a passion to showcase astonishing aspects of our natural world, and tell the most compelling stories to viewers across the globe. We have filmed and photographed in some of the world’s most remote locations, covering wildlife, natural processes and indigenous peoples.

We believe that all people should be aware of the impacts of a fast-growing modern world on our small, blue Planet. For life, as we know it, to survive, conservation and development has to be carefully integrated for the most sustainable outcomes.

People are part and parcel of the environment and the stories we tell reflect this diversity. We frequently become closely involved with local communities where we work - so we understand their needs and can assist them accordingly in every way that we can.

We work hand-in-hand with our sister company EcoAfrica and the NGO International Knowledge Management to provide more entertaining and better content that brings a deeper insight into our complex and exciting world. We believe that good ideas can change the world, but only if they are shared, and film is a highly effective medium to do exactly that.